Alfredo Zamora: a Mexican entrepreneur that bets on Venezuela

A bet is to place faith in something you do not know if it will happen as you expect, there’s a chance that you are right as much as there’s a chance you’re wrong, however there is something that leads you to perform that action hoping that the goal you want is met.

And that feeling was the one that Alfredo Zamora had when he decided to carry out his international volunteer work in Venezuela. He was interviewed by more than 14 countries and in the final stretch his options were 2: Egypt, where he would completely leave his comfort zone to live 6 weeks in a culture totally different from his own, a hot climate that is not felt in the tropics and people whose beliefs make them total strangers; or take the referral from a friend and get to know Caracas. Guess which one won?

When Alfredo was asked “why did you bet on Venezuela?” His response was brief and concise: “For its people, Venezuelans have been cataloged all over the globe as happy, caring, humanitarian people, always ready to help The others in spite of the personal crises, and we can proudly say that everything Alfredo was promised about us was fulfilled and more.

His project was called “Emprendiendo para el Futuro”, in which he had to give tools to young Venezuelans to allow them to be able  to carry out a social entrepreneurship business, and the reason is simple: the crises are overcome as the citizens work to get out of them, Not only monetary but also social and cultural.

Alfredo dedicated 8 weeks of his life to know Venezuela, its territory, its people, its customs. These were two months in which he forged new friendships, left his contribution to our society, and developed his leadership in a progressive and constant way. Today -a few months after his return to Mexico – he feels he has left his heart in our country, he wishes to return soon and misses waking up every morning with a plan to visit Caracas or any other state of our beautiful Venezuela.

Alfredo is a Mexican who now feels Venezuelan, he showed us that it is us who must bet for our country, because it is a privilege to be able to be called Venezuelan and to have been born in this land. After knowing a little more about Alfredo’s experience. Can you also say #IBetOnVenezuela?