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¿Fracasar para tener éxito?

Por alguna razón, que aún no entiendo, a muchos nos han enseñado que el fracaso es lo peor que nos pueda pasar y que es muy difícil sentar cabeza tras este, por lo cual debemos evitarlo a toda costa, y en caso de vivirlo, callarlo y no ir más allá de lo que buscábamos al […]

Karla Tapia

Venezuela is a country that offers you the best opportunities for growth, when you are looking for solutions to everyday problems you are developing skills that allow you to face any challenge in a creative way. An example of this is the case of Karla Tapia, a 20 years old girl from Peru, She is […]

A Mexican engineer meets AIESEC in Maracaibo

When looking for a place to go travel, the first thing we pay attention to is the news about the country we are going to visit, and in the particular case of Venezuela, our international image is not too inspiring. Even so, the impartiality and credibility of some international media is very questionable, and that’s […]