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Karla Tapia

Venezuela is a country that offers you the best opportunities for growth, when you are looking for solutions to everyday problems you are developing skills that allow you to face any challenge in a creative way. An example of this is the case of Karla Tapia, a 20 years old girl from Peru, She is […]

A Mexican engineer meets AIESEC in Maracaibo

When looking for a place to go travel, the first thing we pay attention to is the news about the country we are going to visit, and in the particular case of Venezuela, our international image is not too inspiring. Even so, the impartiality and credibility of some international media is very questionable, and that’s […]

A trip out of the comfort zone… directly to Barquisimeto

We Venezuelans are very used to forget our own qualities, letting foreigner products shine more than ours. We usually prefer buying imported things at the store than the results of Venezuelan producers and it’s very common to see how some of us despise our autochthonous values and treasures. For that reason, sometimes we need to […]

David Sánchez: from Panama to impact on Venezuela

Sharing with new people in another culture is an experience whose expectation can create anxiety, emotion or fear; In the case of David Sánchez – an exchange participant who came from Panama – and who found in Venezuela a joy that he did not feel or had in his country, the answer was all the […]

What is AIESEC’s real impact on society?

Generating a social impact through volunteering is one of the main goals pursued by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), through the creation of projects it is sought that a group of people, in a disinterested and non-profit way, help solve needs or solve problems within a community, the creation of these projects will be tied to the […]

How to ask for an arepa

We Venezuelans are ingenious people, who do not settle for  what they know of the world but we must give our own point of view, that’s why when visiting our country you will find expressions typical of our people, which sometimes does not necessarily mean literally what is being said; We also have a nickname […]

Dinorah Hernández

Venezuela has been called land of grace for having natural riches, beautiful landscapes, and for its warm people, who despite the problems always have a laugh for the visitor. That joy, that “bochinche”, that warmth was what Dinorah found when she came to our country. The story of this Mexican student begins when she got […]