AIESEC in Venezuela offers young people from all over the world two alternatives of professional exchange that connect with their goals and interests:

Global Talent offers you a chance to experience a range of roles in companies and get a strong professional experience with rewarding projects.

3 to 6 months. Paid Compensation working in a Company.

Our partners believe in the value of global talent and are aligned with our mission to provide relevant leadership development experiences to young people.

Global Entrepreneur is an opportunity for a young person to develop their leadership qualities while living a cross-cultural entrepreneurial experience.

1.5 to 2 months. Accommodation provided while working in a Startup.

A young person works with entrepreneurs in a startup, accelerator or incubator to advance their goals.

LINK UP offers young professionals with backgrounds within marketing and advertising domain an immersion into Venezuelan corporate and entrepreneurial work teams, performing jobs related to positioning marketing, international marketing and digital marketing.

With you, companies will be able to improve their understanding and relation with the market in terms of product, communication and customer experience. So you’ll be able to help them to link up to the globalized world.

POP UP represent the ideal opportunity for young professionals with background related with human resources, sales, finance and account management, to help Venezuelan companies develop to their true organizational and business potential.

Be the responsible of impacting organizations internal management in a positive way, both strategically and operationally, to enhance their performance, allowing them to pop up and grow in their results while learning in a corporate leadership experience.

SPEAK UP lets native, certified or professional English speakers work in a language teaching experience for some of the most remarkable institutes and organizations in Venezuela, proving their polyglot abilities in an educational environment.

There are two ways of Speak Up opportunities available depending on the organization that facilitates the experience: teaching immersions in language teaching institutes and language tutoring roles inside organizations of all kind for all levels.

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