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Discover a new and trustful face of Venezuela, totally different from everything you have heard: get closer to communities in need, connecting with their culture and traditions; support humanitarian organizations’ labor, getting in touch with your unexplored world-shaping capabilities and see the positive effects of your work in one of the most most rewarding experiences you can live.

Global Volunteer is the greatest way in which you can make that positive impact in our nation, through a volunteer immersion inside social and humanitarian organizations in which your potential to change the world will be shown.

Impulso Global is a national project that aims to boost the impact generated by the work of Venezuelan humanitarian, ecological, technological and all kinds of NGOs and institutions, through the support of international young volunteer like you, so that they can make greater contributions to Venezuelan communities’ growth and their sustainable development.

Our national current struggling situation has derived in an enormous increase of selfless groups of people throughout the country focused on helping to solve or relieve the different issues that we are facing. These organizations usually count with a great amounts of world-changing ideas, but lack often the material, finance, and human resources. And that’s the reason why AIESEC in Venezuela is looking for young volunteers like you disposed to implement their skills to contribute to the positive labor of NGOs.

We want you to take part the development of our country by providing solutions to the current problems that different kind of social-oriented organizations and  institutions are working to solve. Putting into practice your professional and personal knowledge and abilities you will be able to amplify the impact they have on the people and Venezuela as a whole.

Trazando Metas is one of our national projects oriented towards creating conscience about various subjects surrounding the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). You will broaden Venezuelan children, teenagers and young adults’ view to a global perspective of Venezuelan and international problems, working with them as instructor of different workshops and education cycles connected with the purpose of the partner organizations.

When you ask “Why Trazando Metas?” we want you to understand the scope of what you’d be part of: We aim to provide learning spaces to develop awareness in Venezuelan youth about the diverse world issues that need to be solved, in a way that allows them to discover their own interests, thus giving them a clearer view of who they are and how they want to make their contribution for the world through their lives.

By focusing on the SDG #4 Quality Education, linked with other goals depending on specific opportunities, we want to empower Venezuelan youth, shaping a mindset of belonging for their country and their responsibility to make the future they want for it a reality. The goal is to help them create their own path for their development towards better individuals for a better Venezuela.

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