David Sánchez: from Panama to impact on Venezuela

Sharing with new people in another culture is an experience whose expectation can create anxiety, emotion or fear; In the case of David Sánchez – an exchange participant who came from Panama – and who found in Venezuela a joy that he did not feel or had in his country, the answer was all the above.

The reality of Latin American countries is usually very similar among neighbors, despite the current crisis that we can perceive, there are still people who want to bet on this country, and when David was asked bet on Venezuela he replied that Believed in our country and its potential to get ahead, its previous referents of the trip was that we have the largest oil reserves in the world and natural wealth.

Three reasons that made us seem as the right place to live his AIESEC experience was that he admired the Venezuelans, wanted to know our culture and above all to see with his own eyes the reality of our country. David’s goal in Venezuela, in addition to developing his leadership, was to learn how to be more human, in order to be a fighting agent and defender of human rights around the world.

He participated in two local projects “Entrepreneurship for the Future” and “Small Global Citizens”, the first seeks to give the necessary tools to young entrepreneurs to know what they need to develop a social project in their locality and the second seeks to show children and young people AIESEC values ​​that allow them to dream and bring to reality those dreams.

During his volunteer work, David described Venezuelans as cheerful, fierce and intelligent people, as well as generous and very sociable. It should be noted that when asked if he would return to Venezuela, his answer was affirmative, because he thinks that the country is the best destination to learn how to be happy.

David is back home, and tells us that during his experience he learned  “how to value life, gave me an incalculable joy, taught me to be more human, to fight for my dreams. They gave me the freedom to be as I am, they accepted me with my virtues and defects, and gave me their time and heart. ”

In his opinion there are many differences between young Panamanians and Venezuelans, mainly he thinks that “the crisis has allowed young Venezuelans to be better at facing realities that I’m sure no Panamanian would face. It has allowed them to prepare themselves much more and be more competent than us, even having less reach to technology. It has made them entrepreneurs and inventors of new ways of development, and has awakened creativity and willpower, which many of us do not have. ”

David dared, and you? Are you the next one to say #IBetOnVenezuela.