Dinorah Hernández

Venezuela has been called land of grace for having natural riches, beautiful landscapes, and for its warm people, who despite the problems always have a laugh for the visitor. That joy, that “bochinche”, that warmth was what Dinorah found when she came to our country.

The story of this Mexican student begins when she got interested in living an AIESEC experience of international volunteering; She chose Venezuela because she knew about its literature, its landscapes and she felt identified with the project “Pequeños Ciudadanos Globales”. So she decided to take the plane that would take her to the place where she says, she left half of her heart.


Dinorah’s project was about inculcate AIESECer values in young people between 12 and 17 years old, to show them that no matter in which circumstance they are, as long as they remain faithful to who they are, they can arise and move forward.

For Dinorah, the most beautiful places in our city were at its center. She affirms that Venezuela gave her the opportunity to reconnect with herself and clearly define who she is; Also gave her the chance to dream, in the midst of her imagination she wanted to share a romantic walk with her boyfriend on the heights of “The stairs of El Calvario”  that place of El Silencio where people walk everyday, but rarely they dare to climb.

Dinorah redefined many words during his stay in Venezuela. Among these, “Calvary”, that word that for Venezuelans has become a custom for her represents a magical place that leads her to dream of her returning to Venezuela. Dinorah is a living example of wanting something is to be able to do it. She caused a social impact in a country that is facing a crisis. She believes that Venezuela has young people who are eager to work hard for a better future, seeking the light that makes the country we all dream to live in.

Will you be the next one to help us to build a beautiful society for our country?

Do you dare to say #IBetOnVenezuela?