How to ask for an arepa

We Venezuelans are ingenious people, who do not settle for  what they know of the world but we must give our own point of view, that’s why when visiting our country you will find expressions typical of our people, which sometimes does not necessarily mean literally what is being said; We also have a nickname for everything.

That’s the case of the combination of fillings for our famous arepa.

The arepa is Venezuela’s typical dish. It’s a kind of  tortilla made of corn flour that can be cooked in a pan or fried in oil, it has a circular shape and can be filled with almost any food; Thanks to this diversity of possibilities we Venezuelans have created our own glossary of terms to ask for an arepa correctly. Here’s a practical guide on how to order your arepa in Venezuela.

1.Viuda: or widow, is the arepa that is served alone and without filling.

2.La rumbera, or party-goer: it’s called this way because it’s the perfect flavour combination for after a night out. It is filled with cheddar cheese and pork.

3.Reina pepiada, or dotted queen: this arepa is a classic, it’s a combination of chicken, avocado and mayonnaise, in some cases it can include peas

4.Pelúa, or hairy one: Its name is because the ingredients with which they are filled come “shredded” or cut into very finite strips; it contains cheddar cheese and shredded meat.

5.La catira: It alludes to white people with blonde hair, its combination is made of chicken  with grated cheddar cheese.

6.Rompe colchón: The stuffing of this arepa is composed of varied seafood, usually bathed in some sort of vinaigrette. The theory behind this arepa is that once eaten, it increases sexual desire.

7 Dominó: The color combination between the black of the beans and the white of the grated cheese resembles a piece of this board game.

8.Perico: Its filling consists of a combination of scrambled eggs, onions and tomato, the latter is also a classic, it can be accompanied with a little touch of mayonnaise

9.Pabellón Criollo: This has to be one of the best arepas we have, it is a must to try it if you come to Venezuela. Contains black beans, fried ripe plantain, grated white cheese and shredded beef. A flavor bomb!

Venezuela has a diverse and delicious gastronomy, another reason to live an international volunteering experience with us, are you next in saying “#IBetOnVenezuela?