Iván Rodríguez: “Venezuela is my favorite place in the world”

The personal experiences of each individual determine certain things like their maturity, character and way of acting; How the person develops these experiences will depend entirely on it, but without a doubt the decisions that are made will always have repercussions for the future.

This is how we find people like Iván Rodríguez, a 22-year-old Mexican who decided to live his experience of international volunteering in Venezuela; When we asked his reason to come to our country he said, with great joy,  that it was his  “favorite place in the world“.

Sometimes it seems hard to believe that everyday things in our life can marvel someone else, yet there are people like Ivan who think differently. For him,  the Ávila mountain, so common for us to see everyday in Caracas, is his greatest inspiration.”

During his stay in Venezuela, he conducted the “Small Global Citizens” program with the AIESEC members at UCV, a learning space that shows children and young people who do not need to follow a pattern, that there are other options for life other than those that their environment has shown them.

That connection between the trainees and the Venezuelans impacted by the program is the true meaning of AIESEC, beyond the effort made by the volunteer, it’s the fact that he bet on Venezuela, its people, its culture and all the opportunities that our country offers.

Ivan is celebrating his birthday on June 17th, and his last 2 birthdays have been spent in Venezuela, he plans to return for many more. He made the Venezuelan culture part of his own and feels that when he returned to his country he left behind his second home, along with his best friends.

He loves Caracas and calls Venezuela a country full of enterprising, attentive, warm and funny people, that’s why he has called our country his favorite place in the world.

Iván dared to believe in our Caribbean country. What are you waiting for to be the next one that says #IBetOnVenezuela?