Karla Tapia

Venezuela is a country that offers you the best opportunities for growth, when you are looking for solutions to everyday problems you are developing skills that allow you to face any challenge in a creative way. An example of this is the case of Karla Tapia, a 20 years old girl from Peru, She is a student of architecture who wanted to take a challenge in her life, and that challenge was called: Venezuela. Karla says that her motivation to come to our country was to learn from the challenging situation that we are living today, and her project to recover the spaces of the Botanical Garden of Maracaibo gave her the opportunity to expose her talents as a student of architecture.

For her, we Venezuelans are fighters and people of good heart.

She decided to bet on Venezuela cause she thinks that our country deserves to have a voice outside our borders, she wants that people around us get to know what is really happening today. Our customs were the most fascinating things for her, of course eating arepa “with anything” for breakfast or dinner was her favorite. Despite the cultural shock, he was able to adapt to our society, and at the end of the experience she took with her a different expressions learned from her friends in Maracaibo.

Karla would return to Venezuela because she feels she left valuable friends here. After her experience she returned to her country with desires of taking challenges and risks, her project awakened in her the self confidence necessary to be an agent of change. She learned more about the feeling of belonging that we have with our country and the reason we are proud to say “I am Venezuelan”.

Karla came out of her comfort zone and said #IBetOnVenezuela, are you next?