A Mexican engineer meets AIESEC in Maracaibo

When looking for a place to go travel, the first thing we pay attention to is the news about the country we are going to visit, and in the particular case of Venezuela, our international image is not too inspiring. Even so, the impartiality and credibility of some international media is very questionable, and that’s the reason why sometimes it is important to check things out first hand. That was the case of Martín Hernández, a Mexican that decided to bet on Venezuela because he wanted to know our land, grow with our people and contribute to our society.

Martin is 26 years old, he’s an engineer and he had an exchange experience with the Local Committee of AIESEC in Maracaibo, who offered him the opportunity to work in an architectonical project that aimed to enhance and beautify the natural space of the city: The Botanical Garden. Martin says that when he decided to come to Venezuela he was a scared: “I was nervous and I didn’t know if I was going to be well, I was frightened because of what media say about the country. But when I arrived I see the reality and I noticed that international media exaggerate. I was always positive about any situation. I loved the country.” During his stay he felt very welcomed in this place that was his home along six weeks.

Having an exchange experience with AIESEC is not only an impactful experience for the people that live it but an opportunity to touch and generate a positive influence in the life of the people that collaborate or are participants in the project, for that reason the scope of AIESEC is even more wider. To grow as a person you must get out of your comfort zone and crisis are the only chance to evolve.

Venezuela is currently a country that needs as many helpful hands as possible, to work in its reconstruction and its comeback to be the productive society we know it can be. Martin said #IBetOnVenezuela, so… what are you waiting to do it so?