A trip out of the comfort zone… directly to Barquisimeto

We Venezuelans are very used to forget our own qualities, letting foreigner products shine more than ours. We usually prefer buying imported things at the store than the results of Venezuelan producers and it’s very common to see how some of us despise our autochthonous values and treasures. For that reason, sometimes we need to listen(or read) references of people from other realities, those who want to contribute to our country because they believe in our society, our culture and the potential we stopped  believing.

Such was the case of Marco Martínez, a Mexican that shared with AIESEC in Barquisimeto during a month and a half. He came to Venezuela trying to get out of his comfort zone and to to learn about informatic engineering in our country. What we sometimes see as technological underdevelopment, for this Mexican was just an amazing opportunity. In his experience he tells us how things he learned in Venezuela would’ve been impossible to be learned in any course or school of his career.

Marco worked in a Software Development and Database Management project. Besides the technical skills that this experience gave to him, he also learned the sense of responsibility,  he gained resilience and learned the importance of teamwork.

For Marco, the difference between Venezuelan and Mexican youth lies on the ease how Venezuelan people see opportunities in the middle of crisis. He got to develop his leadership through his exchange experience because he arrived to a complete unknown country, with a terrible and uninspiring  international image about its current situation. But despite all of that, he dared to live in our country to see through his own eyes if everything on the media was a reality.

Marco is a Mexican that came from Hermosillo and decided to bet on Venezuela, contributing with its growth by giving part of his time and professional knowledge to this project. He feels he has to come back the thank the people that welcomed him with open arms, the people who taught him, despite the crisis, the real meaning of the word hospitality.

Marco got out of his confort zone and he dared to know Venezuela, its people and its culture. Be the next to be surprised by saying #IBetOnVenezuela.